EMC2 App note and Eval package SDK2015.4

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EMC2 App note and Eval package SDK2015.4

Postby Jiri_Kadlec » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:47 pm

Dear Tulipp partners
this is link to the EMC2 App note and Evaluation package for the Xilinx SDK 2015.4 released by UTIA


It includes:

- description of the setup and use of the Sundance carrier EMC2-DP-V2 with the TE0715-03-30-1I Zynq
- Setup of the carrier for the 1.8 V
- The adjustment of clocks for the Imageon FMC
- Use of secondary RS232 terminal for MicroBlaze
- Co-debug of Arm A9 and MicroBlaze in stand-alone app
- Use of ILA for debug of accelerators
- Power measurements

- Demos include standalone SDK 2015.4 SW projects with Full HD HDMII-HDMIO (exported from the SDSoC 2015.4)
- Demos include 3x (8xSIMD) re-programmable floating point accelerators in the PL part of the device

Best regards

Jiri Kadlec
Czech Republic
tel +420 2 6605 2216

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